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This trip is highly subsidized and it kicks off a year-long journey of learning and growth for its participants.

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About Us

What Is Yaysh?

Yaysh is a women-led non-profit serving the greater Hartford Jewish community. The name “Yaysh” comes from Hebrew slang that roughly translates to “We’ve Got This!”

Who We Are

We are a volunteer-based Jewish education, engagement and leadership incubator. Our mission is to connect women and inspire them to be involved in the greater Hartford Jewish community. We do this through education, leadership development and programming centered on Jewish values.

Yaysh was founded by the following members of the greater Hartford Jewish community: Carol Fishman, Mindy Glickman, Sarah Kaprove, Cary Lakenbach, Leesa Wallace.

What We Do

We facilitate the MOMentum Year-Long Journey for women who are raising Jewish children in the Greater Hartford Jewish community.

The MOMentum Year-Long Journey starts with a highly subsidized 8-day trip to Israel. The trip is fun, inspiring, and life-changing. At the end of the trip, you find that you are part of a circle of women who mean a lot to you!

We prepare our travelers, lead them on their trip, and return home to facilitate the 12-month “Year of Growth” programming which focuses on personal and communal growth.

We create interactive programming for women in the greater Hartford community throughout the year. All women are welcome to join us – regardless of age, parental status, or affiliation status. We aim to energize and uplift all women!

Our Promise

We promise to meet women where they are, and help them connect to Judaism in a way that is meaningful for them. We promise to help them feel more connected to the local community, and to inspire them to “Bring Jewish Alive” within their families.

Our goal is to help each individual connect to Judaism in her own way, and our programming encourages unity without uniformity. We have had our own lives changed by Momentum trips, and we want to share that with others!

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Apply to be part of our next trip or donate to help Jewish mothers, learn, grow, and connect with the Jewish tradition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the connection between Yaysh and Momentum?

Yaysh is a Hartford-area organization that was created to become the local partner of Momentum Unlimited. We work within the local Jewish community to host events and workshops, and we identify women to participate in Momentum’s flagship program, the MOMentum Year-Long Journey. We have sent 5 cohorts of women to Israel with Momentum over the last 7 years, and have seen firsthand the powerful impact of their programming. Momentum empowers women to connect to Jewish values, engage with Israel, take action, and foster unity, without uniformity.

Am I eligible for a Momentum trip to Israel?

To be eligible for a Momentum trip, a woman must meet the following requirements: 

  1. You must be a mother, raising a Jewish child in your home, who is not highly engaged in the Jewish community or in Jewish ritual observance. 
  2. You must have at least one child who is age 18 or under living in your home. 
  3. You must live within a 30-minute drive from the greater Hartford community. 
  4. You must be physically and emotionally healthy, and able to explore Israel on foot, sometimes walking 8+ miles per day.

How often does Yaysh sponsor Israel trips?

Yaysh typically sponsors one to two MOMentum trips to Israel per calendar year. This can vary based on community interest and organization capacity.

Is there a deadline to apply for a trip?

Yes, each trip has an application deadline. We typically begin to advertise our next trip many months in advance, and accept applications over a 3-month period. To find out specifics for the trip you have in mind, email your questions to

How many women are part of a trip to Israel?

Space is limited. Yaysh typically sends 13 to 18 women on a trip to Israel, which includes an experienced Community Leader and a Madricha (Assistant Leader.) Once we arrive in Israel, our Yaysh Hartford cohort will join up with several hundred women from around the United States and the world. We travel together via bus and on foot, learn together in large meeting spaces, and explore Israel in smaller groups with professional tour guides. 

How much will my Israel trip cost?

The trip is heavily subsidized by Momentum Unlimited and by Yaysh. Trip participants should expect to pay a $99 application fee, a $500 refundable deposit, and $100 for tips and Year of Growth. Participants are also responsible for purchasing airfare for the trip. (Prices vary, but budget ~$1400 round trip for airfare.) 

What is a “Year-Long Journey”?

When you apply for a Yaysh-sponsored MOMentum trip, you are applying to join a circle of women from our greater Hartford community. This circle of women will kick off their Year-Long Journey with an 8-day trip to Israel. When they return home, the women will gather monthly to continue to learn together and connect with each other.

Can I join an Israel trip without the Year-Long Journey?

No, you cannot. Yaysh and Momentum require women to become part of a Year-Long Journey. Women embark on an 8-day immersive trip to Israel at the start of this Journey, and then convene monthly to learn and grow together. The 12-month Year of Growth after the trip is a rewarding part of the experience, and connects you not only to the women from your trip, but also other Momentum alumnae in greater Hartford!

Is there a trip for mothers of older children?

While mothers with children 19 and older are not eligible for a Year-Long Journey, there is another option: Momentum Grand! 

Learn more here:

We also encourage mothers with older children to engage locally with Yaysh! Our events and classes are intended for women of any age.

How can I become more involved with Yaysh?

Yaysh is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization who makes grants to women so they can take part in a Momentum Year-Long Journey. There are unlimited ways that members of the greater Hartford community, and beyond, can become part of our team of volunteers! If you are interested, please let us know by emailing us at

What happens after my Year-Long Journey?

Participation in Yaysh extends far beyond your Year of Growth! Our cohorts typically form a Havurah (fellowship, or group) to continue their connection long after their first year! Yaysh also hosts community events throughout the year, which all of our trip alumnae are encouraged to be part of!

I am a father who is raising Jewish children. Am I eligible for a trip?

From time to time, Momentum Unlimited does offer a MoMENtum trip for fathers of Jewish children. Yaysh Hartford hopes to sponsor one of these trips when it becomes available. Stay connected with us via social media so you will know when a men’s trip is offered! Or email us at to be added to our men’s trip contact list.

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Journey to Israel for an exciting 8-day trip with a group of like-minded Jewish mothers. Continue the adventure with a year of personal and communal growth alongside your new-found circle.

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